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About Neutronium

Neutronium is the densest form of matter possible outside of a black hole. It is so dense that the electrons and protons found in normal matter are squished together to create a material composed mainly of neutrons.

It is found in neutron stars, which are the remnants of super novae. One teaspoon of it weighs 100 million tons, or the same as 1000 skyscrapers.


Supernova Expansion Announced 21 Feb 2011

Ntronium Games and publishers Iceberg Interactive and Matrix Games are proud to announce Supernova, the first expansion for Armada 2526. Supernova greatly enhances the 4X experience with much more to explore and exploit, new trade and covert action systems, and a raft of new technologies. It also allows multi-player action via LAN or PBEM.

Full details here

Armada 2526 Launches in Europe 2 July 2010

Ntronium Games and publisher Iceberg Interactive are pleased to announce the launch of Armada 2526 in Europe. It is now available at all major UK retailers and good independent game shops, as well as in Scandinavia and several other European territories

Press release here

Armada 2526 Available Now 24 November 2009

Armada 2526 is now available in selected stores in North America, and is available worldwide from our digital download partners Impulse Driven and Gamer's Gate.

Read more about Armada 2526 here.