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Armada 2526

Latest Version 1.40

The version number is shown in the bottom left corner of the opening menu. If you do not have the latest version, you can update your game by follow the instructions below. These vary depending on which publisher version of the game you have, and where you bought it from.

Iceberg Interactive

If your game has an Iceberg Interactive logo on the front of the box, or in the bottom right of the opening menu, then get the upgrade from here

Matrix Games

If your game has a Matrix Games logo in the bottom right of the opening menu, then use the game's launcher to check for and receive updates.

Purchased from Impulse Driven

Get the update through the Impulse client.

Purchased from Gamer's Gate

There is no patch available, but you can get the latest version of the game by re-downloading it.


Get an update patch from here