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Author Topic: Pushing it to the limit....a Teyes AAR  (Read 23504 times)
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« Reply #45 on: March 25, 2011, 07:25:57 AM »

What I do (I think it works) is use the "Forum Code"


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« Reply #46 on: November 04, 2011, 07:37:19 AM »

Year 2731 of the Teyes Flock Calendar

Ensign Clox opened his eyes:

-   Oh my head! What happened? Where am I?
-   You have been in a coma for the last 6 months. You are in the military hospital on Los Alamos!
-   Who are you?
-   I am doctor Jiri from the Flock Fleet
-   Ah…right…and who am I? What I am doing here?
-   You’re Ensign Clox. You were badly hurt at the battle of Tucson.
-   When can I leave?
-   Easy boy, first we’ll have to make some tests to make sure you’re doing fine. Obviously, you’re memory is still not working properly. I guess however that you’ll be able to go back to service in a couple of weeks. The FFC Saratoga is still in orbit and waiting for you.

Note: FFC stands for Flock Fleet Carrier

Meanwhile, onboard the Flagship of the Flock fleet orbiting Los Alamos:

-   Admiral…there’s an incoming message coming from the Headquarters.
-   What does it say?
-   As soon as we get the new super fighters, we will have to launch an attack on Amphipolis.
-   Right…and when will we get these “super fighters”?
-   Hem…in about 8 years!
-   8 years? And they send us this message already now? Bunch of idiots…

Year 2735 of the Teyes Flock Calendar

The Unn Pirates are also worried about the conflict between the Flock and the Klurgu and want to make sure they can operate in Klurgu systems and pass Flock territory unharmed. The Teyes decide to agree and consider them as their own "privateers".

In 2727, one of our exploration ships successfully passed one of the wormholes recently discovered. He was able then to establish contact with the Hoon Yon Empire who agreed at once to exchange maps of the galaxy. These guys could be valuable allies in the future.

The highly strategic position of the wormhole leading behind the Hoon Yon empire.

In 2736, the new super fighters are ready to board the Carriers of the fleet. All ships in orbit above Los Alamos are on high alert, preparing themselves for the attack on Amphipolis.

Ensign Clox was taking a look at some of the newly arrived super fighters on board the FFC Saratoga when two Teyes approached him.

-   Nice ships, right?
-   Sure...
-   Too bad you won't be able to fly them…there are 2 new fighters and WE will fly them, right Pox?
-   Right Tox…
-   Well, said Clox, I didn’t…
-   Tata…we know you want but you won’t

At that moment arrived a captain…

-   What are you doing here? Both of you?
-   Well sir...said Tox.
-   You know you should be cleaning the deck…so go on

Ensign Clox was a little bit confused…

-   These two clowns believe they are fighters…but they are just working in maintenance…don’t worry.

In 2740, the Teyes Fleet is en route to attack Amphipolis

Year 2737 of the Teyes Flock Calendar

The fleet of the Teyes jumps out of hyperspace in the external borders of Amphipolis system:

-   What’s the status, asks the Admiral?
-   5 Falcons, 5 Destroyers II, 9 Destroyers and 3 Fleet Carriers…all ready.
-   Fine, give the battle instructions…

And so the Flock Fleet attacks the system which is defended by only some ground troops, 3 heavy missile bases and 1 orbital base. Piece of cake…the Klurgu will start to pay now for their insolence

After the victory of Amphipolis, the Flock Fleet aims for the Nuzi,  system
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Anguille - The wise Teye
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« Reply #47 on: November 08, 2011, 07:11:47 AM »

Year 2743 of the Teyes Flock Calendar

On Teyes, the congress of Science holds its annual meeting. After the fantastic technology breakthrough on how to travel through all type of wormholes and due to the increase of the size of the Teyes Empire, the scientific leaders decide to focus on Teleportation. Such a new invention would allow ships to be dispatched within seconds to all the colonies of the Empire and therefore help protect the frontier worlds from alien attacks. However, until then, the most sensible and strategic frontier worlds, like Ang Thong who has rich Neutronium deposits, will see the construction of heavy defenses like Guardians.

The Foreign ministry of Flock affairs made some good trade-offs: many alien nations were interested to buy the “Falcon” prototype with good money or interesting technologies.

By 2746, the Teyes have rank 4.

The Teyes will control the universe...Muahahaha!

Year 2760 of the Teyes Flock Calendar

The Fleet is ready to attack Nuzi…60 years after the first attempts to defeat the Klurgu there.

Emerging out of Hyperspace, the 3 Fleet Carriers, escorted by 14 Destroyers I & II and 5 Falcons, take formation.

Admiral Pallox asks his crew:

-   So what do the Klurgus have to offer us now?
-   Sir, they have only one Escort Carrier, one Cruiser and a Devastator.
-   That’s it? Mmmh, I think we overestimated these Klurgus after all…they took us by surprise, that’s it. Alright, give the attack orders; we’ll do the Pallox Alpha Teta maneuver.
-   Done sir. But, uh, what’s the Pallox Alpha Teta maneuver, sir?
-   No idea…but is sounds neat, replied the Admiral.

The Klurgus fought bravely but eventually, their ships were all destroyed. Unlike in Amphipolis, the High Flock Command decided that Nuzi had to be occupied in order to create a new bridgehead in the war against the True Klurgu. However, the Teyes faced a new challenge…they were controlling an alien population for the first time in their history but had no idea how to do that. The first few years ended up in many killings and revolts. The High Flock Command asked a team of scientist to create some kind of Xeno-control. The team started to work at once.

On Nuzi, engineers started to work on a relay station to expand the range of the fleet.

So many unvisited planets...where are the Klurgus?
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